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  • Firma OBWDRUK
    Walenty Jędrzejewski
    Parczew 26
    63-405 Sieroszewice


    Phone/Fax: +48(62)7396138
    Mobile: +48 510 471 860
    Mobile: +48 601 560 255
    Mobile: +48 515 183 338
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About Obwdruk

      Since the establishment of the Company in 1989, we were known as "PPHU Zakład Elektroniczny". But since the 15th October 2005, we have been functioning as "Firma OBWDRUK Zakład Elektroniczny".

From the beginning the main goal of OBWDRUK is the production of PCB, one- and two-sided; with soldermask, mechanical processing and with the description of elements.
We specialize in a prototypical as well as large-series production.

In order to assure our Customers of the highest quality of our products, OBWDRUK has commited to implementing the latest technologies in all the phases of the production process.

      An appropriately complicated production line together with a highly skilled team of workers allow us to realize the orders within the time of 3 to 14 days. Apart from top-quality products and short lead times, we also guarantee our Customers competitive prices.
Series prototype we are able to do within just one business day.

We are able to make any circuit board, regardless of its shape and size.

Have a look at our gallery which shows a portion of our production capabilities.

Firma OBWDRUK Walenty Jędrzejewski | PARCZEW 26 63-405 Sieroszewice | tel +48 (62) 739 61 38 , email: