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  • Firma OBWDRUK
    Walenty Jędrzejewski
    Parczew 26
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        To find the detailed information about the prices of our products and services, please, contact with our Business Office by email:

PCB pricing includes:

The pricing of the product should be given:
    - a PCB measurments,
    - the number of layers (one-, or two-sided PCB),
    - the number of holes.

Also, you are advised to specify whether you wish to have the protection layer (the soldermask) and the layer with the description of elements. The drawing of the required PCB should also be enclosed with your overall order.

The above mentioned information, we recommend the motion of the plate (or a drawing board). Accepted projects in the most popular formats pcb, ie files PROTEL, Eagle files, files and other formats GERBER known programs PCB.

        Information about the cost of the implementation of PCB can be obtained by completing the contact form.

Firma OBWDRUK Walenty Jędrzejewski | PARCZEW 26 63-405 Sieroszewice | tel +48 (62) 739 61 38 , email: